More pictures of the Angenieux 28-70 f:2.6 zoom

When it comes to the Angenieux 28-70 f:2.6, the visitors of this blog never seem to have enough. I just found two old pictures of my beloved French zoom. Don’t try to buy it from me, I sold it a few years ago.

Angenieux 28-70 f:2.6
Angenieux 28-70 f:2.6 (detail of the 77mm Angenieux UV filter)
Angenieux 28-70 F:2.6
Angenieux 28-70 F:2.6 – the original packaging

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[added in April 2018 – I’m a hobbyist, and can’t justify spending north of $1,500.00 on an Angenieux 28-70 AF zoom. But nostalgia is a powerful driver – I just purchased the best substitute to the Angenieux 28-70 AF I could find – a Tokina AT-X PRO II 28-70 f/2.8. More to read about the Angenieux lens and its Tokina cousins in my most recent blog entry: “The four Tokina 28-70 AF Zooms and their Angenieux roots“].

Lake Gjende (Norway). Scanned from print – Minolta 700 Si – Angenieux 28-70 AF (Aug. 1996)