Paris- Garden of the Pont Neuf - April 2009
Paris – The Gardens of the Pont Neuf

This blog is about photography. About old cameras using film, and the pictures you can still make with them.

Like anybody else, I use digital cameras. They’re convenient. But I also love shooting with film cameras. It’s a different experience, and using different tools make you see the world differently.

It’s true that almost nobody manufactures new 35mm cameras anymore. But there is such an ample supply of nice second hand film cameras that finding one you like is not a problem.

Film cameras are now extraordinarily cheap, and as long as you’re in no hurry to see your images and keep the volume of pictures you take low, using SLRs or rangefinder cameras from yesteryear is a rewarding experience.

In the nineteenth century, photography did not kill watercolor painting and cars did not drive horses to extinction. In the nineteen eighties digital watches did not kill mechanical watches, and vinyl records made a comeback 20 years after CDs were launched.

People paint watercolors, ride horses, wear mechanical watches and play vinyl records for a multitude of reasons, some of them unsuspected 150 or 20 years ago. Who can tell why people will shoot film ten years from now.

As for me, I love taking pictures, I love old cameras, and that’s all it is about.  If you’re in the same frame of mind, welcome.

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