Index of Camera Reviews

Index of the reviews of cameras, photo-equipment and related services  published in CamerAgX

Angenieux28-70 AF f/2.6-2.8Angenieux 28-70mm f:2.6 AF

More pictures of the Angenieux 28-70 f:2.6 zoom

AppleiPhoneThe iPhone 11 and the power of “computational photography”
CanonA-1The Canon A-1: there’s no better film camera for Canon’s FD lenses

Canon A-1 or Fujica AX-5?

CanonCanon AT-1Canon AT-1 – the polycarbonate FTb?
CanonAV-1The AV-1: probably Canon’s cheapest entry in the Canon FD lens family
CanonT90 (Part I)The Canon T90 – first impressions
CanonT90 (Part II)Canon T90 – After a few rolls of film…
CanonEOS 620/EOS650Canon EOS 620/650 – was the first EOS already the best of them all?
ContaxST (Part I)The Contax ST – first impressions

Contax ST – first pictures, first issues

Contax ST or Canon T90 – candidates for the “ultimate manual focus SLR” crown?
FujicaST801The Fujica film cameras – the best screw mount SLRs ever?

Olympus OM-1 or Fujica ST-801?

FujicaSTX-2Fuji STX-2, the good, the bad, the ugly
FujicaAX-3 and AX-5The Fujica X cameras – the bayonet mount SLRs (1979-1987)

Canon A-1 or Fujica AX-5?

FujifilmXQ2And now for something completely different: the Fujifilm XQ2
LeicaCLSingle Lens Reflex or Rangefinder Camera? A few days with a Leica CL
LomoInstant SquareLomo Instant Square – just delivered…
MinoltaMaxxum 9xi (part I) Minolta Maxxum 9xi – a fuzzy logic camera for the “Pros”? (part I)
MinoltaMaxxum 9xi (part II)Minolta Maxxum 9xi – back then and today (part II)
MinoltaMaxxum 600si Minolta Maxxum 600si: the return of buttons and knobs
MinoltaVectis S-1The Minolta Vectis S-1: APS done right?
NetgearReadyNAS RN214 (network attached storage)Storage – Netgear ReadyNAS RN 214
NikonFMNikon FM: compact and rock solid, a good risk-all backup camera for Nikon users

Semi Auto SLRs for beginners: Pentax Spotmatic F or Nikon FM ?

NikonF3Nikon F3
NikonF4Nikon F4 – Nikon’s last conventional Pro camera

Nikon F4: is its auto-focus that bad?

NikonFE2The Nikon FE2: one of the very best manual focus SLRs ever.
NikonN2020 (F501)Nikon N2020 – the design philosophy of the F4 in a smaller package ?

Bringing an untested 40 year old camera in the Wadi Rum desert

NikonFGNikons’s most advanced manual focus “ultra-compact” SLR: the Nikon FG
NikonFAInnovative Metering – World Class Shutter – Conventional Ergonomics – the Nikon FA
NikonPronea SNikon Pronea S
NikonD700 (Part I)Nikon D700 – a future collectible?
NikonD700 (part II)The Nikon D700 as an everyday digital camera
OlympusOM-1nOlympus OM-1 or Fujica ST-801?
OlympusOM-2nThe Olympus OM-2 series – a revolution followed by 12 years of limited evolution
OlympusOM-2s ProgramThe Olympus OM system and a camera to rediscover: the OM-2s
OlympusOM-2000The Olympus OM-2000 – not a true blood Olympus, but a cheap and convenient bearer of Zuiko lenses
PentaxSpotmatic SPPentax Spotmatic SP – why was it a disappointment? (for me)
PentaxSpotmatic F Pentax Spotmatic F
PentaxSuper-Program (Super-A)Coming soon
PentaxP3 (P30)Coming soon
PentaxZX-MAnother approach to the “learners camera” category: Pentax MZ-M / ZX-M
SearsSL11Sears SL11 from 1964 – a relabeled Ricoh SLR with a Nikon F mount.
SearsSL11Sears SL11 from 1964 – a relabeled Ricoh SLR with a Nikon F mount.
TamronAdaptall 2 systemTamron’s Adaptall interchangeable lens mount
TokinaTokina 28-70 f/2.6-2.8 AFThe four Tokina 28-70 AF lenses and their Angenieux roots

The Atlanta Skyline from a Buckhead rooftop terrace – Nikon FE2 – Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 – Kodak CN400 film.