2 thoughts on “Nikon F Mount – the stop down lever is at the top to of the picture

    1. I beg to disagree. I just checked on a Nikon FM a few minutes ago. Maybe we simply don’t agree on the vocabulary. To me, the stop down lever is the piece of metal inside the reflex chamber that closes the diaph to the pre-selected aperture when the shutter release is pressed). On a Nikon camera, it’s on left of the mount (if you are facing the front of the camera).
      Regarding the lenses, the FE2 is compatible with the Nikon AI lenses and any subsequent Nikon lens equipped with an aperture ring. The FE2 is different from the older FM and FE, which also accept pre-AI lenses. See Ken Rockwell’s tables for confirmation.
      Thank you for the questions.

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