March 3, 2017

CamerAgX – The three most popular blog entries

The three most popular blog entries over the last quarter

Angenieux 28-70 f:2.6 Angenieux 28-70mm f:2.6 AF

Nikon FE2 The Nikon FE2: one of the very best manual focus SLRs ever.


Olympus OM-2s - close-up (front) The Olympus OM system and a camera to rediscover: the OM-2s

The three most popular recent blog entries

Canon FD to Fuji X adapter, and Canon FL 55mm Old lenses on new gear – manual focus lenses on mirrorless cameras

The Canon FT/QL and the Pentaxx Spotmatic SP both offer Stopped Down Metering. To determine the exposure, the photographer has to push the big switch to the left (Canon) or to lift the switch in the red circle (Pentax) - which is not a very natural movement. You wish you had three hands. Stopped down or full aperture metering – why it still matters for users of mirrorless cameras today

Canon A-1. The control wheel is used to change the lens aperture or the shutter speed in auto mode What camera for the film renaissance (part II): SLRs from 1975-1985: my picks

The most popular picture

Nikon F3 - Nikkor 24mm AF

Lunch Break – Quai de la Seine – Paris

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