The Impossible Project – PX 100 film received

The Impossible Project is more than just buzz and hype. I received today the two film packs I had ordered 10 days before. Nice packaging (all white with embossed Impossible and PX 100 logos, almost Apple-esque).

The film shipped is the Silver Shade / First Flush variant. I suspect there will be other declinations of the PX 100 film in the future. The PX 100 is 100 ISO Monochrome Instant Film. It’s made in the Netherlands for the Polaroid SX-70 cameras, and interestingly there is an Ilford logo on the side of the box.

Little disappointment: the pack’s capacity is limited to 8 pictures, which makes it a very expensive proposition ($21.00 plus shipping).
More about it in a few days.

The on-line Store of the Impossible Project: Impossible Shop (US).