The return of the SX 70 instant film pack

The Impossible Project PX100 film for SX 70 cameras
The Impossible Project PX100 film for SX 70 cameras

Today, March 25th, the Impossible Project ( started accepting orders for its new black-and-white instant film for SX 70 Polaroid cameras, the PX 100 Silver Shade. Produced in a plant which used to belong to Polaroid, the PX100 is presented as the first member of a new family. It will be followed by another black-and-white film pack for the cameras of the 600 series, and later this year, by color film for SX 70 and 600 cameras.

Instant film had never totally disappeared – Fujifilm still manufactures cameras and film for the amateur photographer market (the Hello Kitty generation) as well as the peelable film compatible with the Polaroid 100 format used by committed medium format photographers. But the return of the SX 70 and 600 film formats is an important milestone, and a new sign of the rebirth of silver halide as the technology of choice for creative and experimental photography.

The customers buying the new SX 70 compatible film will probably be very different from the real estate agents, insurance adjusters and young moms who formed the target audience of the original SX 70 cameras. The Impossible Project’s site obviously targets a niche of amateurs and pros who want to take pictures differently, and are looking for out of the norm results. The focus will not be on the fidelity of the reproduction of tones or on the sharpness of the pictures – that’s what digital cameras are there for nowadays. The SX 70 film will find its place in the tool box of amateurs of “weird and artistic photography”.

I’m waiting impatiently to receive my first film pack.

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Shot by impossible testlab (Zora Strangefields)
Shot by impossible testlab (Zora Strangefields) - The Impossible Project PX 100 film
Shot by impossible testlab (Josh Coleman)
Shot by impossible testlab (Josh Coleman)- The Impossible Project PX 100 film